Preventing the spread of STDs is easy to do if you arm yourself with information and take preventative measures to make sure you protect yourself.  At NMAS, we want to provide an environment where, by providing comfort and safety, we make it easy to ask the hard questions and to do the right things.

We encourage anyone who has questions about HIV or any other STD to email us at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Our knowledgeable Prevention Staff will be happy to answer any questions.

The two most common ways that HIV & Hepatitis are transmitted are through unprotected sex and sharing dirty needles. At NMAS, we have the tools to ensure that you can protect yourself against either scenario.

For more information on HIV, please click on HIV/AIDS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  If you are someone who self-medicates using intravenous needles, please click on Syringe Exchange for information on obtaining clean needles through our clean needle program.