Men’s Health Project

Men’s Health Project (MHP) focuses on gay, bisexual, and transgender health and wellness issues.  MHP is a program designed to meet and address individual and community health and wellness concerns, including participants who are incarcerated and injection drug users. MHP uses culturally competent and holistic prevention efforts that work to address individual needs on multiple levels. This is done by using programs that are effective at reducing and preventing the acquisition and transmission of HIV, Hepatitis, and other related sexually transmitted co-infections.

MHP is powered and supported by community volunteers, peer educators, and consumer advocates trained in confidentiality, safety, harm reduction, as well as HIV counseling and testing.

MHP uses innovative and ground breaking Internet chat-room interventions to refer participants into HIV counseling and testing and group sessions.

If you have any questions regarding HIV/STDs, Hepatitis, or Men’s Health please call (505) 938-7100.