Health Education

3MV: Be Yourself
A 7-session group-level intervention program to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted diseases among men of color who have sex with men who may or may not identify themselves as gay.  The intervention addresses factors that influence the behavior of men of color MSM: cultural, social and religious norms; interaction between HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases; sexual relationship dynamics; and the social influences that racism and homophobia have on HIV risk behaviors.

Healthy Relationships: SHAG
SHAG is a 5 session group-level intervention for HIV+ people aimed at giving participants the tools to help them make good decisions around disclosure of their HIV status. SHAG uses video clips to help participants view different disclosure situations from the outside and use the tools they learn to decide what they might have done.

Do It Right! (Offered in Farmington Only)
Dating and relationship workshops with barbeques, potlucks, possible guest speakers and more for HIV+ individuals.

Next Step
A workshop for those diagnosed with HIV within the last two years, and their partners, families, and friends. Topics include: How HIV affects the body, HIV transmission, safer sex, universal precautions and sharing a household, how HIV medications work and why adherence is important.

Personalized Health Plan
One on one session develops a personalized health plan. Topics include but are not limited to, condom negotiation, personal risk reduction, explanation of meds and lab work, development of CD4/viral load graphs, safer injection methods, etc.

Safer Sex Forums
Safer sex workshops that can be adapted for high-risk populations.

Specialized Education
Staff are available to meet with anyone (individuals, couples, families, youth, etc) who has questions or concerns about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), Hepatitis, harm reduction, birth control, safer sex, safer injection, community resources, and other topics.

For more information on any of these groups, please call 505-938-7100