At New Mexico AIDS Services, we rely heavily on our community’s generosity when it comes to our funding.  Although we do receive some money from the State, there are many programs that exist soley because of the kindness of our supporters. 

If you would be willing to support our cause, please donate via the PayPal link below.  Any amount will help us to continue to provide our services to the HIV/AIDS community.

Holiday Giving
Hunger doesn’t take a holiday, click on the donate link below to provide hope and help this holiday season.

Planned Giving:
If you are interested in our Planned Giving Program, please call us at (505) 938-7100 so that we can schedule a time sit down to discuss your wishes.

United Way Giving:
If you are interested in donating to us through United Way, you may do so by writing in our name on your donation request form.

On behalf of everyone at New Mexico AIDS Services, thank you for your support.